Two little siblings -Hansel & Gretel- went on a trip to the woods.
After walking for a while, they found a house made of candy and decided to get in.
When they reached the door, an old lady opened it and invited them to come inside.
Fed by the lady with lots of candies, they stayed for days.
But the old lady also made them clean her house and they finally realized she was a witch.
They tried to escape, but the witch forced them to drink a potion in an attempt to stop them from running away.
Having eaten so much candy, the spell didn't affect them completly and now they can transform themselves into animals at will.
They are still trying to escape by finding an exit from the house, but they must stay togheter to protect themselves.
Help them!

How long can you survive inside the candy house?

Hansel & Gretel: Sweet Nightmare is an endless runner where you must input sequences to overcome obstacles.


  • A striking aesthetic
  • Play as Hansel or Gretel!
  • Distinctive mechanics to other endless runners
  • Different abilities between Hansel or Gretel

How to Play:

  • Press the arrows (Right Arrow or Left Arrow) to perform the sequence
  • Press the spacebar to change the character
  • Keep running as long as you can, to accumulate points
  • Dodge tables and crawl through confined spaces
  • Bust through doors


This game was created within the Summer Lab 2017, a workshop by the educational institute Image Campus.

The workshop's goal was to develop a simple but complete game in a short term.

Everything was created by students from different careers and courses offered by the institute -such as Game Design, Videogame Development, 3D Modelling and Animation, and Game Art- and they were guided and assisted by professors.

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