Endless runner where you control the game enviroment to avoid obstacles.

You control a dark mage running towards the right to catch the evil white mage. Use different spells like jumping, shrinking, attacking, etc. so the dark mage can walk through the enemies and obstacles in its way.


  • Avoid obstacles by placing spells in the enviroment!
  • Beautiful art style with fantastic and dark themes!
  • 8 different spells to use!
  • Level design that will test your skills!
  • High Score to challenge your friends!
  • Boss fights to prove you are good enough!

How to Play:

  • Use the number buttons (1-8) or the mouse to select a spell and click in the world to place them
  • Use spells to atack monsters and defend yourself
  • Hold the mouse button while placing a spell to gain more time thanks to slow motion
  • Protect the dark mage as long as you can!
  • Each spell has a different interaction with the mage. Learn how to use them to live longer!


This game was created within the Summer Lab 2017, a workshop by the educational institute Image Campus

The workshop's goal was to develop a simple but complete game in a short term.

Everything was created by students from different careers and courses offered by the institute -such as Game Design, Videogame Development, 3D Modelling and Animation, and Game Art- and they were guided and assisted by professors.

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