Become the ultimate zombie tree slayer!

Help Jack defeat the endless hordes of zombie trees (that's right, zombie trees!) that want to take revenge and destroy his cabin, that is unconveniently made of wood...

Use different kinds of ridiculous and powerful weapons to stop them, like chainsaw bolas, an axe throwing frenzy and the mighty rocket propelled chainsaw! If that is not enough, call a group of devastating beavers to eat up all your wooden enemies.

Destroy them before they reach the house and become the ultimate zombie tree slayer!


  • Confront an endless horde of enemies
  • Five unique types of enemies
  • Three kinds of devastating weapons
  • Easy to learn, fun and really catchy

How to Play:

  • Click and make a swipe movement with your mouse in the desired direction to throw weapons


This game was created within the "Summer Lab 2014", a workshop by the educational institute Image Campus ( whose goal was to develop and publish a simple but complete videogame in a month using resources from the institute.

The game was created by students from the different careers and courses offered by the institute (Game Design, Videogame Development, 3D Modelling and Animation, Game Art, etc.) and they were guided and assisted by some of the professors teaching those courses.

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