Catch magical fireflies in an exciting race against time!

Time isn't just something that happens. It is obtained by distilling its essence from magical fireflies, and feeding this essence into the Master Clock. Maintaining the delicate balance of magic and time has never been easy, but it is my responsibility to keep the universe running on time.

My name is Dr. Beak, and I'm the Keeper of the Time Factory. Or I used to be, until it was destroyed. Reckless activists have released all the magical creatures we kept, and now, time is running out. Can you help me prevent it from ending?


  • Catch magical fireflies!
  • Quick and fast-paced gaming sessions!
  • Procedurally-generated levels!
  • Beautiful Steampunk-styled art!
  • Improve your memory by recognizing patterns!
  • Anyone can play! Perfect for all ages

How to Play:

  • Watch the initial pattern carefully
  • To feed the clock, tap on the magical fireflies that reproduce the pattern
  • Try not to tap on the wrong fireflies! These will take your energy instead
  • Watch out for Heli-flies and their blinding light!
  • Keep feeding the clock, or time will run out!


This game was created within the Summer Lab 2017, a workshop by the educational institute Image Campus.

The workshop's goal was to develop a simple but complete game in a short term.

Everything was created by students from different careers and courses offered by the institute -such as Game Design, Videogame Development, 3D Modelling and Animation, and Game Art- and they were guided and assisted by professors.

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